A girl in the City: Atlanta

Be on the lookout for the series, “A girl in the city” a showcase of our feature models. The visual story from a unique perspective of a rising exotic model. The details are forthcoming, sneak-peak to come. I met her for cancer awareness and fundraising event #slayingcancerslayingtherunway hosted by @urbanspicemagazine, where I had the pleasure of capturing a few snaps and speaking with her. Follow along the journey as  we begin to reveal “The beauty of a soul within ….”


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Grayson Photography on the move …

It has been a while since my last posting with my series sensual woman. Grayson photography has moved. We are now located in Atlanta. There is a need and void I can fill. The fashion industry is up and coming, the film industry is growing. We are expanding our client base. Several projects are currently in the works and truly alive and thriving. Here is to new beginnings and ventures.

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Sensual Woman pt. 1

It was a pleasure to work with model Stefani Miller to create a very seductive, vulnerable and sensual set of captures for my personal project entitled Sensual Woman. Striking up a conversation and getting to know a little about your model helps break the tension and puts everyone at ease. This is always very helpful in any shoot as a photographer.  When deciding on what I was looking for, I started with the premise of sensuality. How unique right, that is part of what drives the advertising, some way of selling based on sensuality. However, I am not selling or marketing anything. I wanted to recreate and capture what I see in observation of a woman in a given moment. In that, I knew I wanted to capture the multiplicity of the sensual woman. In any given moment, the complexity of any woman passes through such a subtle dynamic range. It was this subtlety I wanted to capture. After taking a few snaps with a little guidance to what I looking for Stefani produced.  It is interesting to see the range that a model has in their craft by being able to truly express their personality in a variety of poses. Here are some from the shoot with her.


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‘Tis the Season


‘Tis the season for new memories,
joys, smiles hopes and possibilities,
filled with love, laughter and cheer,
precious the times, people we hold dear,
This year I reflect on my blessings, choices made,
in hope, I believe images captured for the memory fades,

‘Tis the season, a moment of silence,  bliss,
forging dreams, a future ahead sometimes amiss,
despite the obstacles, so much achieved,
despite the grief, remain in faith, endurance, belief,
may your reason during the season be merry and bright..


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So you like a picture you re-posted on social media, cut out the watermark altered the picture…. it’s obvious you like the picture.. why not just ask the photog? Here is some info… if you didn’t know…


Images are copyright protected from the moment you create them. If you find that another website contains your copyrighted material, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) allows the copyright holder to send a letter to a website’s Internet Service provider or Copyright Abuse Agent
to request the copyright-protected material be removed.

Giving you a photo credit has no bearing on whether or not an infringement exists. Absent a written agreement to the contrary, you are the only one permitted to make copies of your work in most circumstances.

Just because you purchased a print or paid for a photo shoot doesn’t automatically mean that you can do anything with it. Printing, copying, displaying, or altering photographs without permission are actual examples of copyright infringement.

Posting a photographer’s work on social media without permission most likely represents a copyright infringement.

Images you find online are copyrighted unless otherwise noted.

PLEASE DO NOT STEAL PHOTOGRAPHS. If you would like to repost images just ask, add photo credits when sharing. LET ME KNOW

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Portrait Series


So in my quest to find specific persons who have strong distinct African Caribbean roots I ran across this young man. As this project continues looking for more subjects of all ages ..

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Global Cuba Fest 2015 presents Omar Sosa

Omar Sosa - Global Cuba Fest 2015 @ Miami Light Project

Saturday April 11, 2015 Omar Sosa – Global Cuba Fest 2015 @ Miami Light Project

Global Cuba Fest 2015 closed with a bang at the Miami Light Project with featured artist Omar Sosa who has received numerous accolades to include Latin Grammy nomination for Best Latin Jazz Album, Sentir. The stage was set to close Global Cuba Fest 2015 at the place that gave him such support early on. Coincidentally it coincided with Wynwood’s Art walk where the vibe of the arts was already in the air and enthusiastic undertone from an already eager audience. With the venue already catering to artists and intimately set for such a dynamic performer, Omar Sosa did not disappoint. From start to finish the energy of Mr.Sosa his love for the music, his compassion and artistry was present on stage to a soul stirring and vibrant show. “Sometimes you move with the energies that fill the room” his brilliance and technique truly shined.

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Spring in the air








Every year it comes,
Yet this year more attuned to the subtleties of the season,
The silent beauty of nature, it’s comings and goings,
It’s hues, vibrance, the rainbow of change,
Each day, each moment unlike the last,
Beautiful nonetheless,
In between the muted silence of the noise of man,
Echoes the music of its symphony in harmonic song…

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Overtown Music & Arts Festival 2014

“The Overtown Music & Arts Festival formerly named Overtown Rhythm & Arts Festival is being planned and implemented by Headliner Market Group (HMG), and the Southeast Overtown/Park West CRA along with volunteers and local leaders of the Overtown Community. This Festival will celebrate the rich history of one of Miami’s earliest settlements.

The festival will not only bring music and art back to the streets of Overtown, but it will help promote economic development”.. (More here ..Overtown Music Arts Festival)

If you were unaware of the event happening blame the lack of enthusiasm my local media networks. It was very exciting and worth the time hearing big artists, many who call Miami home perform for free. With the help of 99 Jamz, The Beat 103.5, Barry University School of Social Work with many other local establishments, there was indeed success with each accomplishment. One can only hope that each year, support will grow larger and become well publicized outside of the likes of Miami New Times and Urban radio.

It was truly great to see so many giving back to the community, enriching it with positivity amidst the revitalization efforts happening both visually and socially within the community.

Here are a few images, click on any image to be take to where all images are … One Love!!

On Stage

Jaguar Wright

Ingrid B

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Defining the Male Self

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