Sensual Woman pt. 1

It was a pleasure to work with model Stefani Miller to create a very seductive, vulnerable and sensual set of captures for my personal project entitled Sensual Woman. Striking up a conversation and getting to know a little about your model helps break the tension and puts everyone at ease. This is always very helpful in any shoot as a photographer.  When deciding on what I was looking for, I started with the premise of sensuality. How unique right, that is part of what drives the advertising, some way of selling based on sensuality. However, I am not selling or marketing anything. I wanted to recreate and capture what I see in observation of a woman in a given moment. In that, I knew I wanted to capture the multiplicity of the sensual woman. In any given moment, the complexity of any woman passes through such a subtle dynamic range. It was this subtlety I wanted to capture. After taking a few snaps with a little guidance to what I looking for Stefani produced.  It is interesting to see the range that a model has in their craft by being able to truly express their personality in a variety of poses. Here are some from the shoot with her.


About Graysonfoto

Of Jamaican heritage and Carribean origin, I am now currently in Atlanta, GA after moving from Plantation, FL. I started my professional photography career while I was in the military in Spain as side income doing weddings and portraiture. I opened my first studio ImageMakers with a local partner who had his own photo processing shop and passion for portraiture. After being reassigned for my tour of duty I continued freelancing until I left the service and returned to Spain. There I continued specifically weddings and portraiture. I entered a few local competitions and received awards for the images submitted. I have had the pleasure of working with Anthony Jordan, another photographer and Ebonie Mukasa of Cloak Inc. on the I Am Hero Anti-Sex trafficking project. I have also worked with Help-Portrait which is a global movement of photographers, hairstylists and makeup artists using their time, tools and expertise to give back to those in need. I continue to improve my craft taking courses with NYIP and pursuing a degree in Commerical Photography. I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America, PPA ID: 8245567 and working on certification. I enjoy capturing life. Freezing time and recollecting the events and memories that surround the instances captured. My goal in my images is to stir, to recollect moments in time that over time become lost or blurred in our minds, especially weddings or portraits while capturing the personality of the subject. For Fashion, I enjoy capturing reality while creating within an illusionary realm. We all love to dream but we also need to remain grounded. With each image, I hope to capture our humanity. Whether to recollect, to change, to give back, inspire, to teach, I hope to plant a seed that sparks an idea or vision reminding us of the beauty that surrounds us every day; once we free ourselves, our minds and remove the blinders that hinder us we will not only be awoken to see but live life as it happens. I intend on contributing my verse.
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